Would you like to meet a passionate Vision Educator, inventor of multifunctional vision development lenses that are highly useful for many Natural Vision Improvement practices? Then read on!

On Sunday, December 5, 2021 we enjoyed a special webinar with Irena Castle, Vision Educator and innovator in vision development. Through her company Overbound, she makes her invention—the Clarity Eyesight Trainer vision development glasses—available to everyone.

While Irena developed these glasses with the initial aim to help athletes play better through an expanded and enhanced vision, this innovative product is ideal for everyone when it comes to practicing many different aspects of Natural Vision Improvement.

The Beginnings of an Exciting Project

Irena is a versatile woman: in addition to her experience in senior management at companies such as L’Oréal, she is also a creative and sporty woman with a passion for soccer.

When he saw her children playing soccer with their eyes constantly fixed on the ball, she wondered how she could help them train their peripheral vision to improve their performance in the game, broadening their attention to passing possibilities, goal-scoring opportunities, and so on.

With her creative spirit and professional experience, she began to study how to train peripheral vision. She discovered the Bates Method and the Alexander Technique and came into contact with great Vision Educators who guided her in her research, until she became a Vision Educator herself.

Her success in helping her students improve their vision naturally convinced her that this would be her life’s mission.

I saw their vision expand, saw them seeing the field. I saw myopia disappear and clear vision take its place. That was when the passion turned into my life purpose and I became an eyesight coach by heart.

Irena Castle

The Project Takes Shape

Irena observed that existing Natural Vision Improvement tools were incomplete or not completely suitable, and for two years she worked on devising an all-in-one solution that would not only develop peripheral vision, but eye activation, eye-body coordination, binocular vision and subsequently better depth perception and 3D vision.

The Importance of Peripheral Vision

Central vision is the aspect that most people want to improve first, but it is important to keep in mind also the vital importance of peripheral vision as:

  • It captures movement
  • It allows us to see in the dark
  • It provides high quality spatial orientation to know where we are going
  • All of the above brings us safety and avoids accidents while walking or driving
  • It helps us read faster and more easily

Peripheral vision covers the sides as well as the area above and below the eyes. We could also talk about sensory periphery, when we perceive things that happen behind us. The idea is to bring the periphery to the center of our attention so that we can take much more advantage of the above-mentioned benefits.

Clarity Eyesight Trainer

The frame features fully opaque obstructive lenses that hide some vision field zones, such as the central zone, the mid-periphery or even parts of the far periphery. This directs stimuli to the unobstructed part, which deeply develops the connection between that part of the eye and the brain.

Clarity Includes Five Different Shields

  • The initial shield, which blocks the very central vision and leaves the periphery free; it is used like the Melissa patch or to begin exercising peripheral vision.
  • The second and third shields block an increasing central area and stimulate the development of intermediate and more distant peripheral vision, respectively.
  • The mono-shields have multiple applications—in swaying, the long swing and memory and vision acuity practices. Exercises always start by working with one eye, then the other and finally both together.

Some Benefits of this Special Product

  • All-in-one, ready-to-use tool that offers convenience and greater accuracy than handmade tools.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, stays in place in any practice.
  • Includes a practice program, with simple and complete instructions to get the most out of it.



Get to Know More

If you are interested in learning more about this, we invite you to watch the outstanding Irena Castle’s full talk on our special page for Clarity Eyesight Trainer, where you can also access this innovative product to enhance and simplify Natural Vision Improvement practices. 

Or, if you’re ready to order, go ahead and do it now!  Click here to order today.


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